Elon Musk: inspiration for Iron Man, spaceship company boss, powerdick pioneer, hyperloop dreamer, and prominent babymaker. But what's his mind like when he's bored? One Twitter account answers.

You'd imagine that Musk is totally busy every waking second of the day, given that he's running a spaceship company and an independent car company at the same time. It turns out he actually makes room to hang out with Justin Beiber, populate plans for railgunning people from LA to SF, and probably make more babies if he wanted to. The dude has five kids.

This is where Bored Elon Musk comes in. It's a window into the mind of Elon Musk when he's waiting for his Hot Pockets to finish microwaving. It's a glimpse at how he thinks when the elevator is, like, taking forever to get to the fifth floor. It's a snapshot of his mental processes when he's on the runway before his next flight to Afghanistan to demonstrate a new missile... oh wait, that was Iron Man. Sorry.


In any case, Bored Elon Musk is brilliant. You get doodles of what Musk's brain must be like on its off days.

And you also get more non-doodle design proposals.

And then there are gems like this.

The trick is that they're only just beyond the realm of possibility for things Musk might think up. There are 197 tweets so far and that's only since mid August. Start following.

Photo Credit: Getty Images