Hartge's V10-Powered BMW 3-Series

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Being one of the top BMW tuners in Germany, Hartge has the resources to take the thoughts swirling around our dirty little minds and write them up in sheetmetal. For example, we've spent a few idle stoplights considering the outcome of swapping the V10 out of the BMW M5 into a lighter 3-Series (E90). Presto! That just happens to be the theme of Hartge's newest tuner package, the H50, which will debut at the Essen show next week. Some ECU tweaking sends power output upward slightly to 550 bhp and 384 lb-ft of torque, and the three is fitted with a 7-speed SMG gearbox and reinforced rear axle, as well as an adjustable suspension setup and stainless steel exhaust system, which the company says turns the V10's music into "an acoustic delight." Buyers can also choose from a number of wheel/tire setups. We have no idea what this sleeper will cost. Maybe that's for the best.


Hartge Breaks the Gentlemen s 155mph Agreement [internal]

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