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Hardcore Chef Gordon Ramsay Drives The Most Hardcore Ferrari

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If I were forced to think of a car equivalent to the tastefulness and explosive outrageous viciousness of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, I’d think of the new Ferrari F12tdf, which Ramsay himself happens to own.

Hey look at that, he’s actually kinda nice in this video! He stops to take pictures with the street peasants, and seems to even let a youngling sit in the car for a photo. Then he peels away in one of the most expensive and ridiculous Ferraris on sale today. The YouTube description says Ramsey “supposedly” has the first F12tdf in England.

The chef makes sure to point out that Ferrari is only making 799 of the special F12s.


The most important part of this video is the demonstration of how terrifyingly close the car comes to scraping on the wobbly cobble roads. Take it easy out there, F12tdf drivers.

You know why Gordon Ramsey gets away with acting like he’s better than everybody else? Because he is.


Via CarScoops