Happy St.Patrick's Day! Now Watch Some Irish Racecars

One of the few fully home-grown Irish cars was the TMC Costin, a sort of alternate-universe Lotus/Caterham 7 car. As fun as they look, I've hardly ever seen them in video. Until now!


This video is quite a slice of '80s Irish potato-booze-pie: a TMC Costin has the pole position, and it's even sponsored by Apple Computer. I'm guessing the Apple tie-in had to do with Apple's first non-US plant, which was in Cork, Ireland, and was quite a big deal in the early 80s. It's also fun to see that old rainbow Apple logo on the side of the car there.


There's some great 80s-era cars in that little clip besides the several Costins, but since it's St.Paddy's day and all, keep your eyes focused on those, ok?

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Weird Fishes

What beautiful racing! The cars and the track are fantastic. It's like the FIA doesn't exist. I know this is about to put me in a microscopic minority, but I for one am very glad to see a race that's not loaded down with 911s.