'Happy Idiot' Video Is A Trippy Salute To Racing With Pee-Wee Herman

Brooklyn indie outfit TV on the Radio is one of the best musical acts around, full stop. And the video for their newest single, "Happy Idiot," is way up our alley.

The video for the lead single from upcoming album Seeds dropped today on FunnyOrDie, and it stars Paul Reubens — yeah, Pee-Wee Herman — as a race car driver who gets back in the saddle after a long absence.


You know you're in for something good when you get a nod to Speed Racer right at the beginning.

As he circles the track in his race car Sky Blue — which we think is a Lucra LC470 — he has a hallucination involving the band and Doctor Who star Karen Gillan doing crazy dances in a variety of costumes. And I'm never gonna say no to her.

Good stuff all around, even if I can't make sense of it.


TV on the Radio “Happy Idiot” feat. Paul Reubens and Karen Gillan from Funny Or Die

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