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On this day in 1966, a crippling disease befell millions of American youngsters. The symptoms, unknown at the time, came to include a propensity to seek ungodly quantities of parking-lot burnouts in smallish, V8-powered coupes. It was the day the first Cheverolet Camaro rolled off the line in Norwood, Ohio. It only took Chevy two years to answer Ford's Mustang, but when it did, it sparked a horsepower war that lasted, oh, about three years. Still, long after it was an emblem of performance, the Camaro made late-night Schlitz-and-bong-hits parties in suburban cul-de-sacs seem like a night at Studio 54. For that alone, it should be lionized. [Thanks to Big Rick at KFOG for the tip.]

August 11: This Day in History [The History Channel]