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Happy 60th Birthday to 1986 Indy 500 winner, 3-time IndyCar Champion, and all around classy dude Bobby Rahal!


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Awesome Bobby Rahal story of the day:

My dad and I went to Road America for the CART races every year, and in 92, he won the championship there(I was 11 @ the time). Well after the day was done, we got to Rahal's trailer where there was a bit of a crowd, but no Rahal. So we stood there, me w/ my "Congrats Bobby" sign and drawing I had worked on(knowing he only needed a top-10 finish to clinch) for the week prior to the race. He was my favorite driver since the blue and yellow KRACO days. We waited for about 5 minutes until Bobby's wife came out and said he's done for the day. So as everyone left, my dad and I stayed to discuss where we were going next, when she came back out, and asked if I wanted to go in and meet him. Well OF COURSE I DO. She waves me over and I climb the stairs into the sitting/eating area of the trailer and there sits Bobby Rahal and Carl Hogan. We talk for a while, and I show him the sign I made. He loves it, and I give it to him. So he gives me the MGD hat he was wearing on the podium, with the champagne stains on it and everything! He was so nice to me for just being a kid and a fan of his, it made a huge impression on me. The only thing that kept me in the car on the ride home was my seatbelt.

I still have that hat, and the signature he gave me that day. Just thought I'd share.