The topshot we used for today's Answers of the Day feature, which showed a guy walking across a beam at the abandoned Packard Plant, really captivated me. I'm not sure why exactly.

I don't even know the backstory behind that shot, but when I stare at it, it stirs my imagination. With that backpack the guy almost looks like some urban vigilante stalking a rooftop, or some character from The Walking Dead scouring for supplies in the ruined future. Maybe I'm nuts, but I think it's fun to look at.


That photo came from photographer Emily Flores, who appears to be based out of Detroit and has a few other great shots of the Motor City's abandoned sites like the Northville Psychiatric Center and Michigan Central Station on her Flickr page.

I picked out a few I like. I'm not gonna tell you to hang out at places like this, but if you do, take photos.

Photos credit Emily Flores