For those who don't remember, the much loved Hamster, a.k.a. Richard Hammond, of Top Gear nearly didn't make it after crashing a jet-powered car at nearly 280 mph. And while the Hamster survived, the crash provided quite a shock to the system (Check out the Hamster crash footage). According to the Daily Mail, Hammond has been suffering with depression, memory loss and some diminished ability. He also admits he may have come back to Top Gear too soon given the effort required to rewire his brain to complete the tasks he used to do easily.

This is a common problem with people who undergo serious trauma to the head, as parts of the brain that stored memories or controlled certain functions are damaged, causing the victim to have to relearn certain activities (imagine having to relearn to park without your full spatial ability, for example). But Hammond plans to continue filming and enjoys the prodding from his cohosts:

"But we're all best friends and we love each other dearly. Don't tell Clarkson I said that - he'll punch me next time he sees me."

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