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I don’t know much about Texas apart from the fact that it’s 7.5 times the size of Hungary and people there like red meat just as much as we do. Still, this 8 MPG 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab running on 24-inch wheels sounds about the most Texan thing ever.

It’s hard to judge Texas from here. I haven’t been there yet, and the most famous Texan since J.R. Ewing we got to know well is George W. Bush. Having said that, Jalopnik wouldn’t be Jalopnik without the The Lone Star State, as both Stef, Alanis, Patrick and Matt are familiar with the smell of tacos and burned rubber.

One thing is for sure. Despite our best efforts to be politically correct, here in Europe “Big Guys” still get labeled way too often simply as “Fat Guys”, so I’m glad Matt Farah went to Texas instead to drive the Viper pickup.

The Viper V10 was a truck engine, so this make sense I guess, but it still has to be the most Texan thing with a plate. Please feel free to prove me wrong.