'Gymfarma' Is The Hoon Video Of The People

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You don’t need to have the big budget, latest 360-degree cameras and state-of-the-art rallycross car of Ken Block to rip sweet donuts. All you really need, as this “Gymfarma Practise” video proves, is a field and a beater you don’t care about.

Gymfarma has all the elements of a classic Gymkhana video: the slow-motion taking-off shot, the blasting out of the shed at full speed, water splashes, and sweet sideways action—but for a fraction of the cost.

It’s almost more fun to watch this guy wreck stuff as opposed to pull off perfectly executed, neatly edited donuts (that you know Block didn’t nail in one take).

Don’t just watch Ken Block blast around. Get a beater. Find some empty space. Hoon your beater. It’s what the beater needs.