Guy's Genius Drive With No Doors Works Well Until Stopped By The Man

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A British student's ingenious plan to add lightness to his crappy Peugeot hatchback by chopping all the doors off was going swimmingly, until he was pulled over just three miles after starting off. Which is disappointing.

Sam Wilson, of Bingham, Nottinghamshire, was ordered to pay £330 in fines and court costs when he was found guilty of "using a vehicle when its use involved a danger of injury to any person," according to ITV. Wilson said that he was trying to sell the car for scrap anyways, and figured if he took the doors off of it, he could sell it for more, for some reason. Because less scrap metal sold for scrap means more money, or something.

And it's a wonder he was ever found guilty, considering his similarly genius legal defense:

The car didn't have any lights on it, but my argument was that it was daylight.

It didn't have any signals either, but I used arm signals to indicate.

Welp, that sounds about right, to me. No harm there.

But the local police service offers this compelling counterargument:

We had to take action.

Okay then. Even still, Wilson eventually managed to sell the Peugeot for £70, meaning this whole money-making adventure cost Sam only £-260. Not bad, then.


Just another example of The Man trying to keep Sam Wilson down.

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Driving with no doors? It's a Jeep thing, officer. You wouldn't understand. OIIIIO