For as much crap as L. Brooks Patterson has been talking about Detroit, there's been a lot of weird shit going down in Oakland County as of late. The latest is a bank robber arrested after police matched his weapon of choice with a recent selfie.

21-year-old "King Romeo" — nee Jules Bahler — was suspected of robbing three banks in Pontiac and Bay City, two notable GM towns north of Detroit. He used a submachine gun for all three robberies.

With $15,000 in ill-gotten gains, he purchased a house in Pontiac (fuck yeah, cheap real estate!) and showed off the gun he used in a series of selfies posted to Facebook. He also took selfies wearing the same clothing worn to rob the banks, as evidenced by surveillance photos.

King Romeo was arrested after a traffic stop and reportedly confessed to each of the robberies. Lesson learned: Stop it with the goddamn selfies already.