Guy Photographing DeLorean Photographing Truck Fire Meet Via Reddit

This is one of those strange infinite regression things. Well, infinite if infinite equals two. A guy driving on the 55 freeway outside of Chicago took a picture of a DeLorean driving in front of a truck fire. The guy in the DeLorean, at that same moment, was taking a picture of the same truck fire. They found each other on Reddit.

Two people taking a picture of a truck on fire isn't a big deal. But when one of those people was actually taking a picture of the other (well, the other's DeLorean) and then they both post to the same online community, and realize, hey, that's me in that picture/hey I took that picture, it makes you realize just how insanely connected we're becoming. Think about how many people drive on that highway every day, and how many saw that truck fire. And how many DeLoreans— well, that one's not so impressive.


More importantly, it gives me a good excuse to make a Zoom and Enhance GIF. That's the real victory here. How often can you actually do a working Zoom and Enhance? With a change of viewing angle! It's like real life-CSI horseshit!

(via Mashable)

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