Gurney Eagle F1 Scale Replica: Drooooool...

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Any gearhead who's remotely familiar with our taste in cars knows that Dan Gurney's 1967 Eagle F1 is one of our absolute all-time favorite vehicles. It's simply one of the sexiest cars built in an era of incredibly sexy, sexy, sexy cars. Powered by a Weslake V-12 with hand-formed titanium headers (absolute works of art), the Eagle landed Gurney the title of "Only American to win a GP event in a car of his own construction." Now, Real Art Replicas has an excrutiatingly-detailed 1:8-scale replica; only 350 will be built, so if you're thinkin' about our birthday, buy it now and save it for us, will ya? The price? Only $1,499! C'mon, that's not even 1,500 bucks!

Real Art Replicas Gurney Eagle

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