Guns, Tanks And Rally Cars Drifting In Slo-Mo

They call Norwegian world rally champion Petter Solberg "Mr. Hollywood" for a good reason. When he wants to promo his own stunt show, he gets tanks, the Norwegian army, a helicopter, explosions, some drifting rally cars and the most awesomely slow-mo footage to grace YouTube.


The shoot was for the Solberg Extreme Motorshow 2011, a sort of indoor arena jumping rally car thing. We like this trailer better, and don't forget to watch it in HD.

(Hat tip to: McNewbie-Kate's Dirty Sister's wife!)

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Raphael Orlove

For those of you who are gun nerds, those are Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifles and for the tank aficionados those are German Leopard 2a4s. For those of you who like cars, the rally racers you see drifting around rural Norway are a Citroën Xsara WRC and a Subaru STi WRC, both of which look like 2006-spec cars and both of which Solberg probably owns.