The truly mean Gumpert Apollo Sport has powered its way to a Nürburgring lap time of 7:11.57, simultaneously setting the fastest lap for a production road-legal car and embarrassing the competition.

This number is an eleven-second improvement over the the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR and Corvette ZR1 times, and a full 15 seconds over the Nissan GT-R VSpec time.


This feat was accomplished with the help of the Gumpert's 700 HP Audi turbo V8 and one skilled driver (26-year-old Florian Gruber) last week. The Apollo Sport hasn't officially been released, but with a lap time like this and a top speed of 224 MPH we imagine they won't have a hard time finding buyers. (Hat tip to YellowDucati for the tip!)

Update: Technically, the Hayabusa-powered Radical SR8 is the fastest production, road-legal car with a time of 6:48. However, the car is truly on the radical end of what you'd consider road-going.


[Sport Auto via World Car Fans]

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