As he drove around Valencia's soccer stadium Monday, CF Valencia forward √Čver Banega spotted flames when he looked in the rearview mirror of his Ferrari 360. Banega escaped the conflagration, but the car, worth more than $100,000, was completely destroyed.

Ferraris are by now well known for catching fire, but Valencia's fire department is investigating the cause of this particular blaze. It is believed to have been caused by an electrical problem.

The Italian carmaker, which had to recall more than 1,200 cars in 2010 due to spontaneous combustion problems, found that a faulty adhesive in the rear wheel wells had been catching fire due to extreme engine heat.


For his part, Benega has had a bad year vis-à-vis cars, having had his foot run over by his Audi several months ago. Luckily, he wasn't injured in this latest vehicular mishap. (Hat tip to Jesus Diaz!)

Photo credit: El Mundo