GT-R-Based Infiniti Sedan Dead Like A Warranty

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Plans for a Nissan GT-R-based Infiniti sedan are now all but scrapped according to reliable sources inside Nissan headquarters. Carpocalypse ∞; Enthusiasts 0

Inside Line was able to speak with Brian Carolin, Nissan's Senior Veep of Sales and Marketing;

"It's fair to say that there's nothing in the product plan for a flagship right now. It's just not a priority in today's climate."


There had been rumors circulating since the R35 GT-R's initial release that Infiniti would build a new performance flagship sedan using its twin-turbocharged V6 and all-wheel drive system. Last month we had hopes this would actually see the light of day. When Infiniti took the wrap off of the Essence concept at the Geneva Motor Show, rumors of the proposed sedan turning into a stylish coupe started flying faster than Octomom's pr0n career. Unfortunately plans for either a GT-R-based Infiniti coupe or sedan have been scrapped, thanks in part to the current economic crisis and lowered luxury vehicle sales. We're still hopeful, but we're definitely not holding our breath.

[via InsideLine, Image: GTRblog]

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