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Groovy Van Alert!

Illustration for article titled Groovy Van Alert!

Thanks to a tipster whose name got lost in Jalop hyperspace (sorry about that, tipster, but don't think we don't love you), we now present this incredible time-capsule Kustom Van on Craigslist Oklahoma City. It's been sitting in a barn for 20 years, and it could be yours for three Gs. Damn, we'd feel ten feet tall owning this thing.


GROOVY OLD VAN - $3000 [Craigslist OKC]

If It's Not a Scottish Custom Van, It's Crap! [internal]

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Paul Y. requires regruntling

That is AMAZING.

I'd kill to have a 70s van that's half that awesome. Incidentally, it's the nearest America has come to a dekotora fad.