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Gromkhana Is Further Proof Of Gromawesomeness

Have we mentioned how much we love the Honda Grom? It's small, it's simple, it's got an engine that has more in common with a weedwhacker than a sport bike, and it's cuter than an eight-week-old puppy with an overbite. And at $3,199, it's stupid cheap. Which inspires this kind of hoonage.


The crew from Motorcyclist got their hands on two of them, each with a host of mods ranging from Öhlins suspension bits to race cams and a Yoshimura exhaust. But that's the simple stuff. You can race it, you can stretch it, you can slam it, you can stunt it, and you can do it all with less cash than a mildly used GSXR. I mean, just look at this ridiculous Repsol rep from Thailand.

Illustration for article titled Gromkhana Is Further Proof Of Gromawesomeness

We need one, desperately. And we're not alone. Honda dealers around the country have waiting lists as long as your arm, but when the Grom fad fades, just imagine what you'll be able to find on Craigslist.

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Man oh man! So good. I can't believe I still hear "real riders" talking about how you can't have any fun on anything under 500cc. These bikes bring back such a classic ethic. Stoked to the max! (Or stoked to the minor!)