"Grid Girl" Passes Out On Porsche Race Car

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A "grid girl" passes out on the hood of Dutch driver Ronald van de Laar's Porsche 911 GT3 race car before the start of a race. Ever the gentleman, van de Laar screams at the crew to check his car.

"Grid girls" are as much a part of international motorsports as high-octane fuel, ear plugs, and fiery crashes. Before each race, grid girls take up positions behind the starting line, holding up the national flag of the team and the vehicle's number. They also, it seems, spend a good deal of time just hanging out and looking hot. Until they collapse on a race car from heat exhaustion as this woman did, collapsing on Ronald van de Laar's Porsche 911 GT3 race car at the ADAC GT Master race.

To be fair to van de Laar, the reason he's yelling is he's probably asking his crew to make sure the grid girl didn't damage the car in any way that would risk his own safety. Yeah, probably. But at least that's an excuse. We have no such excuse for the guy about 40 seconds into the video who grabs the poor girl's ass.

[via TopSpeed]