Greetings From Florida (With Double-Barreled Porsche Exhausts On Fire)

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The flat expanse of Sebring International Raceway has never looked as good as here beneath the flaming exhausts of a Porsche 935 at the 1984 12 Hour of Sebring.


This photograph is just one of many taken by Paul Woodbury at the race, all set in a gorgeous, warm analog glow:


"It was a very hot day in 1984 and the sun was very bright. The GTP era is taking over from the 935’s now, but a 935 gets its last win in this race. Actually an end of an era as this was the last major race won by a 935,” writes Paul. The year was indeed the swansong of the 935, with its fearsome successor the 956 already racking up wins in Europe.

Far from being a single-race enthusiast, Paul appears to be a proper photographic historian of IMSA GT, American endurance races and Porsche sports prototypes. To click on his Flickr page is to descend into an endless maze of opposed cylinders. Not a bad plan for the weekend, come to think of it.

Photo Credit: Paul Woodbury

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I need those in my driveway right about now. More snow tomorrow, VA!