Greek town auctions barn-found Mercedes for $560,000

Illustration for article titled Greek town auctions barn-found Mercedes for $560,000

The city of Piraeus, Greece held an auction last week to sell a car donated by a local resident: a 1960 Mercedes 300SL hardtop that had been parked since 1974. The winning bid: $560,000.


According to HighOctane, the city will use the money for its parks, henceforth named after the vehicle's late owner Kriton Dilaveri. While $560,000 may seem high for an SL with 97,000 km, much of the deterioration appears superficial.

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It was nice to donate the car to the city.

If only more Greek citizens would donate things to the city.

They wouldn't even have to donate things, just money.

It wouldn't have to be much, just a percentage of their income.

Maybe they could donate it every year.

The city could use that money for public services, parks, roads, and other useful things.