Greek Fighter Jet Crashes In Spain, At Least 10 Reportedly Killed

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A Greek F-16 in Spain as part of a NATO training mission crashed shortly after takeoff, killing at least 10, according to El Pais. Thirteen were injured, including six critically injured, the Spanish Ministry of Defense confirmed.


It's not immediately clear what caused the crash at Los Llanos airbase, according to the AP, however the two-seat F-16D (single seat F-16C model pictured above) is reported to have lost power during take off, slamming into other planes on the ground. A conflagration broke out, and emergency responders were not immediately allowed to begin a rescue operation due to the risk of explosions from nearby aircraft involved in the incident, the El Pais report said.

One of the pilots is believed to have "performed a wrong maneuver," according to the BBC.


Due to the international nature of NATO's Tactical Leadership Program training exercise in which the plane was taking part, most of the victims are not believed to be from Spain. The victims have not been named, however they are believed to be from "six or seven" countries.

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Photo credit: Getty Images