Illustration for article titled GREAT NEWS! emTop Gear/em Series 19 Probably Begins On January 27th

Have you spent the last few months of your lives curled in a fetal position, weeping softly as you fight through Top Gear withdrawals? Me too. But there's light at the end of this tunnel: the 19th series of our favorite TV show (besides Honey Boo Boo, obviously) is set to begin airing on Jan. 27, according to Final Gear, citing the website that sells audience tickets to the show.

They say that the filming of new episodes will begin on Jan. 23, and that they typically air a few days later, making Jan. 27 the most probable airdate.


What kind of shenanigans will Series 19 entail? Well, we've already seen some photos of Jeremy Clarkson trapped in a scooter and heard him bitch about flying to Miami on Twitter, so who knows what they have in store for us. I know I'm game.

What would you like to see in the new season?

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