An Iowa man went to a late lunch yesterday. As he got back to his job at the bank, he spotted a car on the train tracks with two elderly people inside. It had handicap plates. And a train was coming. That's when 38-year old Chris Ihle sprung into action.

Ihle jumped off his motorcycle and went to try and push the big Pontiac Bonneville off the tracks before both passengers met their demise. Ihle had gone to a country music concert the night before and was still wearing cowboy boots.


They might look cool, but they weren't giving him any traction. The car wouldn't budge.

Instead of giving up and letting Marion and Jean Papich die at the hands of the train, Ihle ran around to the front of the car. He used the other track to get some leverage, and pushed the car backwards, out of the way of the train. Ihle says he got out of the way at the last second.

He's lucky to be alive, as are the Papichs. And in a world where we hear so much negative news all the time, it's refreshing to hear something positive for once.

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