No longer will the decision need to be made whether to have a driveway or a nice, beautiful lawn. A happy medium has been found in Grasscrete, a grass and concrete hybrid. It's essentially a checkered pattern of concrete that allows grass to grown between the blocks of concrete.

Sure, this is great for the environment and could make the front of your house more attractive, but there are definitely some disadvantages. Leaving a car parked on the Grasscrete will automatically label you as white trash to the neighbors. Nobody likes someone who parks on the lawn. Also, try taking the Koenigsegg CCX on it daily? The grass could not fair well on the undercarriage of any low riding supercar, and don't even get us started on the number of carbon fiber splitters you'll lose.

Grasscrete is 30-percent more expensive than trusty old concrete. If you are that concerned about the "curb value" (sorry, I've been watching too many house flipping shows), then just pop a garage onto the backside of the house exiting to the alleyway. Case closed and no need for radical Grasscretes. [Greendaily]