Grand Turismo 5 Delay Will Be "A Short One"

The eagerly-awaited racing simulation Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed yet again. But according to Sony, not for long.

There have been rumors and reports that the game narrowly missed its deadline for the November 2 release. Because of that, there is chatter that the game is being held up by Blu-ray production delays. In a tweet yesterday, GT5 designer Kazunori Yamauchi wrote the game still needed some final tweaking.


Kotaku, our sister site obsessed with video games, has more from Sony here and from creator Kazunori Yamauchi here.

For now, there's a video of a McLaren F1 getting dirty up top. Enjoy.

(Hat tip to GTPlanet on the video!)

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Bryce Womeldurf

All of these delays ring like sweet, sweet music to my ears. After I waited for over a year in delayed release dates for GT4, that was the end of me having faith in any Polyphony release dates. My receipt for my reserved copy had nearly faded away by the time it came out. I gave up on GT5 eventually, and went to the Forza series two years ago, and for the most part haven't looked back.

Gran Turismo is still a great racing game, possibly the best, but their development time and lack of punctuality leaves much to be desired. No matter how long you take to perfect a game, there will always be faults. They spent roughly two times the amount of time on this game as their MS competitors did on the Forza series and that will no doubt make for an awesome game, but for how long? There will be another edition of Forza by next year, and GT will probably take 5-6 years and a whole other system before you see it's next version. Don't get me wrong, the GT games are excellent, but it's just too long to wait between games.