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Grace Jones Did An Ad For The Toyota Celica And I Need A Toyota Celica Now

We never got the Toyota Celica XX here in America, which might be why I had never seen this ad of beauty and Grace Jones.


All Celicas came with four-cylinders in that era, and all Supras were like Celicas with a six-cylinder engine and a different face to go along with it. The Celica XX was the Japanese name for the Supra of the day, a six-cylinder Celica with a Supra face on it, basically.

Now, I had known that Grace Jones did that one incredible ad for Citroën back in the ‘80s, I didn’t know she did this one for Toyota, too. Or, at least, a cutout of her did. Hell, let’s watch that Citroën ad again.

“I, too, chase after a motionless artifact of Grace Jones in the blue hour of the night in my Celica,” Jalopnik’s own Justin Westbrook offered upon seeing the ad.


Indeed. Suddenly I need a Celica. I don’t care what it costs. To its bumper I must pull up.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I used to think only the 1st gen was the best RWD Celica, but recently (actually this week) the 3rd gen notchback started looking good to me. Maybe I need my eyes checked.

Now with this Grace Jones connection I have to drive one while playing A View to a Kill.