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A trio of Norwegian men were en route to the airport in their rental car when the vehicle's GPS took them off the highway and into a Rio de Janeiro slum plagued by gang violence.


After returning from a Brazilian beach the twenty something Scandinavians were hoping to return their car when they got lost. They attempted to use their GPS system to get back on the right route but the navigation system instead told them to exit the main road and cut through the Mare slum complex, which is considered dangerous even by Rio de Janeiro slum standards. It wasn't long before the three were under gunfire, with one of the young men receiving some hot lead in his arm.

They were able to get to safety and quickly left the country, their good times in Rio cut short by gunfire. Family members of one of the victims are blaming a fault in the GPS, though we wonder if it didn't have something to do with someone accidentally selecting "drug gang-occupied slum" instead of "airport" in the Point-of-Interest menu. It happens to us all the time.


[Source: Reuters via Yahoo]

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