Govnot! 'Manta Manta,' The Song!

Although we've briefly visited the former Yugoslav nation, we only know precisely one word in Serbian — "govnot," a synonym for the German "scheiße." A friend of our dad's had it on his Camaro's license plate back in the '80s. Then some old Serb lady called the DMV and complained. He had to turn it in. In any event, here's Serbian pop star Ceca singing "Manta Manta." We have no idea if said song has anything to do with sporty coupes based on the Opel Ascona, but we do know that the Serbian Sexy Dancers could take some choreography lessons from Keenan's Fly Girls.


Adam vs. Enzo — More 'Manta Manta' [Internal]

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WoW last thing I though I'd see here, I have her new CD in my car all day :D , and no this song has nothing to do with the Opel Ascona lyrics have nothing similar or closely related to it. As for the dancers, never been a fan of backup dancers just something stupid. For some of those that like to know more about her . As for the license plate I think it might have said "govnov" as its translation is "shit" govnot doesn't have any meaning in Serbian.

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