With zero precincts reporting, two hours before polls are set to close, Governing magazine declared Detroit mayoral candidate Mike Duggan the winner of Tuesday's contest. The article prematurely commences a guaranteed, painful stream of incoming media coverage on The White Guy winning Detroit's mayorship for the first time in four decades.

It's unclear if someone published a story by reporter Ryan Honeywell too soon (the story is dated for Nov. 6), or if Governing in fact did feel comfortable calling a race without a single vote being tallied. If Duggan wins, you're likely going to read about how the so-called "turnaround artist" overcame a near-impossible feat by waging a successful write-in campaign to become Detroit's first white mayor in forty years.


Truth be told, the victory would surprise no one: Duggan outpaced opponent Benny Napoleon in fundraising roughly two-to-one throughout the campaign cycle. A super PAC backing Duggan outraised Napoleon backers by more than $2.5 million, according to recent campaign finance reports.

(screenshot via Governing)