Gov Schwarzenegger Encourages California Kids To Open Up Chop Shops

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 's After-School All-Stars charity is all about inspiring the state's students to enrich their lives through self-expression and leadership. His latest attempt? Getting disadvantaged kids to open up chop shops. Seriously.

According to a representative for the charity, the program is called Leo's Chop Shop and is "a scale-model car building class that teaches students the techniques of building quality replicas." The concept itself seems harmless, although our biggest problem is with the name itself — "chop shop."


A chop shop, as defined by Merriam-Webster is "a place where stolen automobiles are stripped of salable parts." There are no other positive definitions.

These kids likely have a hard enough time as it is and putting "chop shop" on a college application or resume probably isn't going to help.

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