Got Six Cylinders And It Uses Them All: The 1,000-Horse Chevy 292

I've always liked hot-rodded inline-sixes, ever since I rode in my uncle's triple-sidedraft-292/Muncie-equipped '49 GMC pickup and experienced that "oh shiiiiiiiiiit!" feeling that only way too much torque coupled with zero traction and a wild-eyed Minnesota biker at the wheel can offer. So what could make the 292 even better? Why, welding up a custom head out of two aluminum Pro Topline small-block Chevy heads, attaching a monstrous turbocharger, and dropping the whole mess into a '54 Studebaker, that's what!

THE 1000+HP CHEVY 292ci ENGINE BUILD-UP! [Custom Design Performance]

Leaning Tower Of Power Gets Blown For $400 [internal]


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