This Electric Toy Car Is Like The Tesla Of Power Wheels

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If you want the quickest electric supercar on the block you would have to pony up about $120,000 for a Telsa P85D. While most of us don't have that kind of cash to live the dream, our toddlers can for less than 1% of the Tesla's price. Forget the Power Wheels, your little one needs a Broon F870.


Even though the South Korean company uses awkward descriptions like "maximized sense of convinece," "a ride that will tingle all of your senses" and "the ultimate toy of wonders," I'll just chalk that up to phrases getting lost in translation. The fact is, Broon is very serious about making a ride for your toddler with the same attention to detail and performance as any boutique supercar maker.

The top tier car is the F870 (F810 and F830 also available) it has everything you would expect from a modern supercar including: independent suspension with gas shock absorbers and coil springs, lightweight alloy wheels and drilled rotors, racing seat, Android powered touchscreen display, dual motors and all-wheel-drive.

Illustration for article titled This Electric Toy Car Is Like The Tesla Of Power Wheels

It has a top speed of...10 mph. So it is not nearly as "fast" as a P85D, but think about this from the perspective of a toddler. My son is two, if I do a brisk walk in a shopping cart he gets a big smile and goes "Zoom!" I'm probably moving at two miles per hour. Imagine his reaction at five times that speed.

Like most supercars, this one isn't cheap; MSRP for a F870 is about $1000 USD. However, when you consider that this 24 volt "ride on" Enzo with a top speed of only 5 mph goes for $649 and is nothing more than a battery with a propulsion system, the level of engineering you are paying for for the Broon doesn't seem that bad.

But the best thing of all is that Broon ryhmes with hoon... and if there is one lesson we should teach our children it's how to hoon with style and class.


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Google MiniMoto Kart. They made a Honda F1 clone 36v cart, I got one at walmart on clearance for $150. It has a normal and training mode, does 20mph in normal mode with my fat ass in it. But of course, its for my (cough cough) son.