Google Killed Map Traffic Estimates Because It Just Didn't Work

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If you're wondering how road traffic's gonna slow you today, don't turn to Google Maps anymore—the site's killed its estimates. Not because it wasn't popular. It turns out those road calculations didn't exactly correlate to, you know, reality.

The Atlantic describes the discovery of perturbed Maps users, who complained to Google when they noticed the change. Its answer?

[W]e have decided that our information systems behind this feature were not as good as they could be. Therefore, we have taken this offline and are currently working to come up with a better, more accurate solution. We are always working to bring you the best Google Maps experience with updates like these!"


Translation: traffic didn't work. And as the Atlantic's Nicholas Jackson asks, how could Google be sucking down so much locational data from Android drivers and be botching it to the point that they pulled it down entirely? [The Atlantic]

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Traffic estimates and even traffic info has rarely been accurate regardless of the source. My GPS in my car is supposed to have it, and I've been cruising down the turnpike at 3am when it suddenly alerts me to a severe traffic jam. I've also been sitting in traffic when it finally decides to tell me there's traffic. Even google maps on my phone is inaccurate with this. I've stopped using it and simply rely on the 70s technology that has never failed me, I'm of course talking about my CB radio. It's always accurate, and the routes to bypass it are usually the best possible route (and I've even 'convoyed' down back roads with 4 or 5 truckers when bypassing a bad accident on a road trip, we were lucky a local trucker was there to lead the way). And the truckers seem to love my Dodge Magnum, so I get bonus points for having a new era muscle wagon.