Goodwood's Favorite Daredevil Is Still Living on the Edge

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Terry Grant knows his way around the Goodwood Festival of Speed. His jaw-dropping, world record-breaking antics have become a staple at the event. This year, he completed the hill climb again in his signature style: with two tires hanging in the air.

Grant holds 23 world records in driving, such as the most amount of donuts in 100 seconds. He liked the tilted view of England’s greenery so much he decided to give it a try again—this time in a Jaguar F-Type.

This isn’t even Grant’s first time doing the hill climb on two wheels. He did it in 2015 in a Nissan Juke RS Nismo, clinching the world record for completing the hill climb on just two-wheeled at two minutes and 10 seconds. (He was going after his own record, previously set at two minutes, 55 seconds.)

There isn’t much about this drive; he completed the entire 1.16- mile hill climb with two tires in the air, but probably at a much more leisurely pace than before.


He’s already the fastest man in an angular car twice over after all. No need to rush when your legacy is more secure than your balance.