Good Morning, McLaren F1

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Sunrise is a touch of false salvation at the 24 Hours of Le Mans after the long hours of darkness. False, because at sunrise, over ⅓ of the race still remains.

Under the Dunlop Bridge, this is one of the seven McLaren F1 GTR’s at the 1996 race, looking to defend the F1’s unlikely and magical outright win in 1995.

The McLarens had an incredible lineup of drivers: future Bugatti CEO Dr. Bscher (who used to drive his private F1 to work every day at 200+ MPH), Derek Bell (5-time Le Mans winner), Andy Wallace (who set the McLaren’s 241 MPH speed record), Nelson Piquet (3-time Formula One world champion), and so on.


Unfortunately for them, there were also Porsches in attendance. Still, six of the seven Maccas finished the race, all but one of them in the top ten. Not too bad from a four-year-old road car.

Photo Credit: Michael Cooper/Getty Images

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Jonathan Harper

Beautiful. This is gonna have to go into desktop background rotation...

...usually reserved for BMWs only, I'll make an exception for this Lion and it's BMW heart.