What makes a good driver isn’t how you drive when everything goes right; it’s how you drive when everything goes wrong.


This, here, is a fine example of some such good driving. You’re watching one of the more aggressive corners at Gingerman Raceway that hosts Gridlife Midwest, the music festival with lots of cars in it that draws a number of the big names in the American drifting scene. Seen in this clip: Chris Forsberg in the big body Infiniti, Tanner Foust in his VW Passat doing drift taxi duty and Ryan Tuerck in his Ferrari-engine GT4586.


I’m not sure what happened to Chris that he spun on this fast and very visible corner, but watching Tanner dodge a major impact and Tuerck keeping his car in one piece is some quality stuff.

Clearly, these guys have done this before. More than a few times.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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