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Goggomobilimpressionen: Goggomobilamino!!!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Glas Goggomobil is yet another post-war German microcar from a sewing machine manufacturer with a puny engine in the butt. Besides its righteous name, the Goggonmobil had the distinction of being built in the town of Dingofling. Besides its funny name, Dingofling is the current location of BMW's biggest factory which employs 22,000 insanely precise individuals. And yes, BMW purchased Glas in 1960s. The Goggomobil also sported an electric pre-selective transmission with a manual clutch. Essentially, you pre-select the gear you want next, and when you need it, hit the clutch. Anyhow, someone made a mini-panel van out of the Goggomobil and then naturally Camino'd it. And we're in three-types of love. We're also starting to suspect that the European instinct to Camino is stronger then the American... just saying. More Glas-y Goggonmogoodness after the jump.


A pre-Camino GoggoMo panel van known as the Transporter TL.


All the Goggomobil money can buy, including a Camino. Jesus... how do you choose between suicide doors on a 1,100 lbs. convertible and a Camino?

'Sup, Fraulein?"


If we could get that trailer with the Goggomobilamino...

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