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Goggo! Goggo! Goggomobil Knows Young and Old!

This profoundly disturbing puppet-show advertisement for the Goggomobile will have you singing the little "Goggo! Goggo!" cuckoo-clock song until you get Tazed by your enraged coworkers. Goggo! Goggo! We're just disappointed that they didn't make a Goggomino version (though there was a van).


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

"NO NO, NOT THE DART". Aussie joke. Derived from a Yellow Pages ad on TV featuring a large Scottish bloke ringing around looking for for parts for his Gogomobile which has "broken freps" (WHAT THE HELL IS A FREP ANYWAY). The ad ends with him saying "no no, not the dart" referring to the Gogomobile Dart, a roadster version. "aye, it's a wee ripper I tell ya". Happy ending.