This Is How Subaru Broke The Isle Of Man Record In A 2015 WRX STI

In 2011, a Subaru WRX STI driven by Mark Higgins made history with a 19 minute, 37 second lap around the Isle of Man TT's Snaefell Mountain Course at 115.356 MPH. This year, he broke that record in a 2015 WRX STI. Now we can see and hear how that happened.


Subaru's latest video isn't the full in-car lap around the Isle of Man, but it's a great look at how they prepared for the event with the redesigned car and eventually broke their record. The run ended with a new lap record, an average speed of 116.470 mph at 19 minutes and 26 seconds.

But Higgins wasn't satisfied with that, so they went back and broke it again, nailing down an average speed of 117.510 and a lap time of 19 minutes and 15 seconds.

Not bad at all for a car that's basically stock except for a roll cage and racing seat, open exhaust, and a upgraded dampers and springs. The 2015 WRX STI is an amazing machine.


How they did it 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Found a speed-fanatic with testicles roughly the size and density of a lead moon.

Step 2: Place said lead-vegetabled speed-freak in an equally insane car.

Step 3: Let him go at it until he's happy, or the car disassembles due to physics not putting up with these shenanigans anymore.