I chapped a few asses last year when I said the BMW M1 ranked among the most overrated cars of all time. If you weren't happy about that, I'm about to make it up to you with this video.

Actually, our pal Alex Goy over at XCAR was the one to do it. The lucky bastard recently got the chance to take a test drive in a rather pristine example of the M1, and he was kind enough to film it so we could come along for the ride. Alex also walks us down the M1's somewhat rocky history.

You know what? I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. The chips may not have all fallen in the M1's favor, and it may not be the greatest supercar ever made, but that doesn't mean it's not fantastic in its own way. I wouldn't kick one out of my garage.

Anyone care to see a modern-day M1 revival?

Video credit XCAR