Go, Baby, Go! Surrealist Cowboy Adventure Pitches '71 Ford Pickup

Illustration for article titled Go, Baby, Go! Surrealist Cowboy Adventure Pitches 71 Ford Pickup

So you've got some John Wayne-talkin' cowboy mocking the Crazy Old Coot, and then there's some sort of bet involving jumping the Ford pickup over a 6-foot chasm. Then there's this Japanese biker, see, only he talks like Geetz Romo.

There's really no explaining this ad, so just go ahead and put your own interpretation on it. Thanks to LTDScott for the tip!

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And unlike the trucks of today this commercial is not false advertising. I had a 72 when i was younger that spends most of it's life as a plumbing truck. That truck and everything not a straight piece of sheet metal a 390 that would not quit even after i broke one of the heads in half. Speaking of breakage it broke through 2 walls 1 honda and lots of dirt berms. Yes i even jumped it Don't know exactly how high But i do you remember seen the top of a van next to me.