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GM's Saab Story Continues Until At Least Tonight

Illustration for article titled GMs Saab Story Continues Until At Least Tonight

GM announced Friday a deal with Spyker on Saab couldn't be concluded by Dec. 31st. Spyker raised its offer yesterday, giving GM an evaluation deadline of 5:00 PM EST tonight. Reports also claim they're no longer the only interested party.


Raising the ante Sunday, Victor R. Muller, Spyker's chief executive, said he had presented GM with an 11-point proposal addressing the automaker's concerns in his company's offer. He imposed a deadline of his own, 5 pm Eastern time on Monday, for GM to respond to his offer.


The New York Times claims a spokesman for GM said other potential buyers had expressed an interest since Friday's announcement. We'll have more shortly (hopefully) on one of those interested buyers. For the moment — anyone care to speculate? [NYT]

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images News

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Jonathan Harper

fantastic play on words.