GM's New Recall Safety Video Is Morbidly Humorous

People have died, so the GM recall couldn't be further from funny. Yet after watching Jeff Boyer, GM Vice President of Global Vehicle Safety, explain to customers how they should only use one key in their cars put a massive smile on my face.


Absurdity can make you laugh. This video is nothing more than 'New GM' going out to their proving grounds with cars made by 'Old GM' (spoiler alert: same company) to make sure the killing spree is over when it comes to the fixed vehicles.


The best thing is still their solution of course. When Jon Stewart explained the single key idea, it sounded hilarious. Yet here we are now, and the joke is on GM customers as Jeff Boyer explains how they should only use a single factory GM key in their cars with a hole in the middle instead of a long slot you find on replacement keys once the car is repaired.

I mean, sure, it works, well done. It only took 13 years.

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I'll grant them this, he's saying use only a single key until you get it fixed at the dealer. But wtf is the difference between a hole and a slot in a key? Does the slot make the key slip more?