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Just as Ford is, GM is reconsidering its line of minivans in a serious effort to win part of the lucrative market Chrysler's held in its mitts for twenty years — a market in which GM has seen its sales cut nearly in half since 2000. AutoWeek is reporting GM is planning at least three new minivans based on the upcoming Lambda architecture, a flexible front- and all-wheel-drive platform that underpinned the 2003 Buick Centieme concept (pictured).


Production will begin in 2008 at least three 2009 model-year minivans — with extended-wheelbase versions coming a year later — which will (jeez, finally) feature an equivalent of Chrysler's blockbuster Stow-n-Go seating. Considering the Lambda architecture can accommodate both V6 and V8 engines, GM will likely use it for both midrange and high-end models (likely from Buick). The company will likely adopt styling cues first seen on the Centeme

GM hopes new sport vans will revive sales in minivan segment [AutoWeek]

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