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Toyota has a (sorta) new ad campaign we just saw while watching the Sunday morning talk shows touting Toyota and its investment here in the United States. The automaker from the land of the rising sun is all hard up on the ten assembly plants its got over on our shores. Somehow it kinda tweaked us the wrong way...especially considering Ford, GM and Chrysler have shuttered 3 times that many plants in the past seven years. And what have we gotten in return? Ten assembly plants. Well, before folks begin saying things like "Buy Toyota, it's the American thing to do", we wanted to provide a visual "nip" from the boys and girls at the General as a rebuttal to that budding notion. We kinda think the billboard speaks for itself, but the RenCen's got more to say โ€” it's only one of three billboards...

...with the others featuring the taglines:

"We'll see your ten and raise you 44."

"GM suppliers are everywhere. Literally. 2,918 suppliers"

We're waiting for the next one:

"You call that ten inches?"

[Hat tip to Zerin!]

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