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GM, UAW Reportedly Reach Accord On Health Care For Retirees!

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Holy shnikes, they've actually come to some form of, you know, agreement or something. At least that's what everyone's reporting this evening. According to reports, negotiators for the UAW and GM have agreed on the framework for a health care trust for retirees. But fear not, the two still face a long and potentially protracted series of bargaining sessions this weekend on fun stuff like pay and job guarantees. Do don't worry — this could still all go south at any moment. But for this moment at least, things are looking pretty darn good. [NYT]


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@ Rick Astley -

hmmm, good luck with that, even with a weak dollar. Build quality may be up, but exterior and interior design are not. Neither is fuel economy. The Chinese seem to like Buicks just fine, though. At least they pass crash tests.

@ Lichtronamo -

it's the Civic responsibility of these Scions to Imprezas with an Accord containing Elements Fit for meeting Yaris of Legacy obligations at a Prius they can afford.